LG Infinia 55LW6500 55-inch 3D TV

3D TV competition among the ace manufacturers such as Toshiba, Samsung, and Panasonic is always on the rise and quite surprisingly LG sprang with the wide viewing angle and passive 3D technology. Unlike the chunkier and chargeable 3D glasses, the Infinia 55L W6500 boosts the user friendly glass. The 3D technology itself is certified flicker free and raised the expectations of the consumer.


LG Infinia 55LW6500 3D LED LCD TV looks highly impressive with the slim structure measuring up to one inch depth. The 55 inch viewing screen comprises the essence of modern technology. The television seamlessly blends with the interior of any room and looks marvelous even when switched off. It can be easily wall mounted. The plain front panel, albeit its majestic look is actually devoid of manual controls. Inspite of its efforts to look slimmer, many users would find this as a major cripple if they had to live up with disabled TV if at all their remote control becomes useless. The matt screen is particularly very beneficial for people who watch television in bright rooms as the glare extent is highly controlled in such screen texture. The TV pedestal is equally sturdy and holds the weight completely. The set-up process varies slightly with the user manual and it ought to be dealt carefully prior to mounting it on the base. This step demands attention otherwise one could end up in making scratch marks on the upper edge of the television. Overall, the design looks attractive with easy set-up mounting functionalities.

User interface

The user interface part is actually made lot simpler by means of the on-line manual. Unlike the voluminous paper manual, the former gives a good feel of the television and easy familiarization with the features. Matt screen plays a prominent role in enhancing the picture setting to optimum viewing. Despite, the minor reflections the initial picture setting process truly adjusts with the environment, be it either dark or bright room. Thanks to the intelligent sensor technology, the screen readily differentiates the inherent room’s light effect and adjusts the picture brightness accordingly. The energy saving mode comes in three levels of settings, viz, minimum, maximum and medium. It is also possible to turn off the screen while listening to music. The striking difference with respect to the afore-said minor adjustments which are widely used in the latest televisions, this one is equipped with easy access to control the brightness or the contrast levels just by merely swiping the buttons on the remote control. The content is also not lost by this intuitive approach. Such pleasant distractions actually save the user’s time and restrict the wading through a series of multiple settings in order to fine tune one aspect. The menus slightly lack the attractiveness of the smart TV. The zoom options of the set is entertaining, in particular the special cinema zoom allows the user to modify the zoom level. Sadly, this feature is limited to 2D only. Streamlining of the contents between the computer and the television is easy. The user interface could have been much smoother with the magic remote concept integrated, but unfortunately it creates strain while typing the website address. The main stress is actually caused by the lack of delete button and it will push the user to retype the entire content, if at all there are any typo errors.

Slots and connectivity

LG Infinia 55LW6500 55-inch Screen 3D Television has a digital audio output and it lacks the RCA output plug.  Furthermore automatic detection of the input source is not configured in this television. Hence while inserting any input source, television ought to be indicated manually. The wireless set-up can be connected easily; however the real hindrance pitches in when the user would like to toggle between the connections. The wireless system demands security key and if there are any firmware updates, the details are wiped out completely and once again the user needs to start from the scratch. Had been there any settings saving option it would have been better. But once, the net is logged in there is absolutely a stream of movies and content waiting to flow through the TV. Netflix platform renders a clear and definite HD content. The Xbox contains HDMI port that can be connected to the television. The audio and the video content are received simultaneously from the Xbox. As a reason of this, there is a minute time lag noted which could affect the severely addict gamers. Besides this, the positioning of the hard wired power cable could be difficult if it had to be wall mounted.

3D Glass

LG 55LW6500 3D LED TV being the next generation 3D television offers one of the best in-class 3D glass. The glass technology differs from the rest of the crowd in the flicker free aspect. It is certified for its flicker free thereby enables the user for prolonged usage without creating undesirable side effects. The glass is also less expensive when compared to the latest models. The LG cinema 3D glass is actually battery free and can be used anytime, which gives the additional mileage to the glass. In addition, these are not based on the electro magnetic waves. The most prominent and distinguishable features which promotes the LG cinema 3D glass is the wide viewing angle, flexible viewing position. Unlike the conventional types, this one allows the user to view it from any angle in the room, which we think is a major leap in the 3D technology. Wide angle also enables more people to watch the 3D content without any hassle of maintaining a specific head position. On comparing the performance level of active shutter glass technology to that of the cinema 3D glass, the former delivers better picture quality and crispness but at the price of creating undesirable side-effects. This glass from LG evolves as a better one and still has a few steps to climb until it would be declared as the best 3D glass.

Remote Control

The LG Infinia 55LW6500 television comes with two remote controls. One remote is the usual one and the other is magic motion control. The latter remote is RF version and can be easily pointed and controlled. It consists of six buttons in addition to the directional pad. It is designed to be performed as a Wi-Fi mouse and a cursor blinks on the screen. The useful functions carried out by the remote are to control the television while surfing the internet and to enter web address. Lack of QWERTY keyboard makes it somewhat difficult for users to type messages in Facebook or Twitter account. The magic remote definitely demands a learning curve. Sometimes, it is difficult to point at the TV and aim the exact feature as they are closely packed. On the other hand, the standard remote is glossy and black and the design is peculiar with a bubbled slope to render good hand support. This one contains the keys that enable the user to directly access the internet, games, and many more. Moreover, the graphical representation renders a quick operation. The Q menu aids in rapid swapping of the controls. However, we really are surprised to find out in forums where people have discussed about the display of the 3D message that appears when the 3D is activated. It has to be confirmed with the remote and then disappears. There could have been option to permanently disable it as available in Samsung 3D TV.


Motion clarity
LG Infinia 55LW6500 has motion clarity index which reflects good local dimming and the XD engine further enhances the performance. The detailed backlight scanning puts the picture quality in a good level; however the edge bleeding is what sometimes bothers the user. The light leakage towards the edge is tolerable but a few trained eyes can notice the visible difference particularly while watching in the night. The TruMotion 240 GHz supports the sport and gaming experience as the response time is fast and blends the transition uniformly on the screen. 3D light booster enhances the picture clarity and increase the picture vibrancy. The LED plus technology gives the vibrancy of the viewing rich 2D and 3D content.

Smart Share
Smart share enables the user to stream line the content between the TV and many external devices. The connection of the TV to the computer seems to be made slightly difficult, as it does not directly connect to the network content. It demands to be run on the DLNA server and later connect it. Nevertheless the iso files cannot played and could be because of the anti piracy measure. This can be averted by running parallel HDMI connection. Had this been avoided the smart share can be kept really smart.

The LG Infinia 55LW6500 Full HD 1080p Cinema 3D TV is one of the best for gaming experience. The TV readily recognizes the PS3 station and automatically switches to the 3D mode. The settings for altering the game display are tucked inside the menus. Even though many users have complained about the time lag, it is actually the latency which appears while watching movies. This can be avoided by setting and acknowledging the game system. Furthermore, automatic firmware and software updates eliminate the difficulties or bugs seen in the gaming system.

Internet browser
The internet browser marginally satisfies the user’s intention of having a net experience. Three activities can be done using the internet, viz entering the URL address, and seeing the browser history and thirdly capturing the favourites. Considering the competition amongst ace TV manufacturers, these are very basic aspects of internet TV. It lacks the setting option and customisation of the browser. Furthermore, the internet loads on slowly at a mind numbing speed. Owing to the limited internal television memory the flash will not be available thereby reducing the experience of internet TV.


Standard Definition
The standard definition viewing is good and the contrast and colour details are detailed. However, one cannot avoid the bluish tinge of the picture quality. The issue can be reduced by altering the color temp to W8. Besides the minor contour of colours, the overall performance of the standard definition is good.

HD Picture Quality
The full high definition content looks brilliant. The transition from the standard definition to HD increased the local dimming aspect. The edge lit is better albeit not as impressive as the full array. By calibrating the white controls the pictures can be tuned to the near perfect colours. The intelligent sensor modifies the TV light as per the surrounding light. The television set in the Auto mode view looks good but there is visible level of change with respect to the TV’s brightness which is not desirable.

3D content
The 3D light boost in addition to the flicker free certification improves the 3D viewing content. The technology uses a mild film on the TV screen which improves the 3D image quality. It also counteracts the effect of wearing the 3D glass. 2D to 3D conversion is easy and at some instance there is mild blur noted at the corners of the screen.

Sound quality
The auto volume levelling in this TV is good. Unlike other televisions this one automatically reduces or increases the volume of the source. Moreover, the clear voice setting brings out the dialogues in a better fashion. The sound material definitely compliments the 3D or movie watching experience and rivals the surround sound concept.


There are definitely numerous pros to the TV, in particular is the wide viewing angle, next gen 3D glass, and reduced screen glare. In addition to this, the picture quality is phenomenal in the 2D and 3D content. They actually supply four 3D glasses with the TV which is a good point and as they are inexpensive and many can watch the 3D fun, unlike the other rivals which restrict maximum to two 3D glasses and even if additional one has to be purchased it is expensive. Providing two remote controls is yet another bonus.  Nevertheless, the bleeding effect is visible and the base is fragile and restricts placing it safely on a platform. The customizable menus and settings renders good user interface, however LG could have concentrated in controlling the light bleed while viewing dark source.

LG Infinia 55LW6500 Full HD 3D TV – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer LG
Model Name 55LW 6500
Dimensions (W x H x D) inches 1297 x 851 x 341
Weight 22 Kg
Prime Features Magic motion remote, 3D, Certified flicker free
Screen size 55 inch
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080p
Backlight technology Edge LED
Specific Features
Local Dimming Available
DCR 9,000,000:1
Wide colour control Available
Motion Clarity Index Available
Picture Wizard II Available
Wireless Ready Available
Sound Audio O/P = 10W +10 W
Surround system Infinite 3D
Accessories Remote, Stand and Battery
Warranty 1 year

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