LG 60PX990 3D TV Review

LG has bounced a TV that had trounced the competitors by getting the THX 3D certification, the ultimate trump card. LG 60PX990 3D TV has surely passed the acid test and set a standard for its opponents to scramble up as quickly as possible. The THX certification is known for its meticulous test methods. In order to get a better understanding of what the THX certification means to the consumer, it is vital to get a peek of what the certification intends to check for. It verifies the colour reproduction, and the image processing accuracy in both the left and right eyes. Firstly to propose any 3D TV for THX certification, the manufacturer must ensure that there is good interlacing between the 2D and 3D images. Understanding the criticality of the certification requirements, LG has indeed achieved pinnacle of quality by being accredited with the proud certification. Now, one of the greatest challenge lying ahead is analysing as how well LG 60PX990 3D would be perceived by the consumers.


LG 60PX990 is chiseled with a shinning 60 inch plasma screen and has attempted to recreate the ultimate cinematic experience. Additionally the plasma screen also offers zero motion blur coupled with razor sharp response rate. The Trublack filter prevents glares and various other reflections that normally occur on the screen. Additionally, it even enhances the final picture quality even under bright conditions. It also has the internet TV in place and it can connect online to watch Youtube videos. Needless to say, on the highlight 3D viewing feature, which is made more realistic and, since the product is THX certified, the user gets to view the content as original as it is in the cinemas. Since the Freeview High definition is integrated, the user can watch as many as 50 channels without paying any monthly rental.


Measuring 60 inch wide, the television is devised much thinner than Sharp’s similar model. LG has scored off creating this television borderless similar to that of Infinia models. It could be because the safety aspect might have been taken in to consideration since the screen size is 60 inch. It is surely less bulky than Sharp’s 60 inch models. LG 60PX990 60-inch 3D TV looks stylish with extremely slim frame. The sturdy glass stand handles the television weight evenly. The single layer design gives a professional look.  Though the screen is based on plasma technology, the visibility is slightly lost at specific turns angles and glare comes in to the picture. This could be because of lack of anti-glare coating. Certain components are declared by LG to contain lead, since there is no alternative, and hence it resolved in using lead but by adhering the Rohs directive. The set is also equipped with Kensington security system. Provision of cable holder eliminates the power wire being unplugged accidentally. Availability of swivel stand helps to rotate to a tune of 20º degrees in either direction.

Slots and Connectivity

LG 60PX990 consists of Wi Fi dongle, four HDMI slots, DLNA, wireless AV link and DLNA connectivity. In the HDMI audio format only Dolby digital and PCM is supported whereas DTS format is not supported and if the DVD audio files are not compatible, the user needs to fine-tune the output resolution appropriately. Such a shortcoming could have been eliminated as most of the recent televisions are highly compatible with many audio formats. However the connections are made very simple. The external device audio output must be connected to the RGB/DVI jack and similarly the video output must be connected to HDMI/DVI IN 1 cable, and merely by pressing the input button in the remote control the user can instantly view the content. Connecting external devices through Euro Scart cable is possible. The signal transfer and recording from monitor cannot be output through the Scart connection, when the 3D is active. Movies stored in USB or computer can be played on the television. However the maximum bit-rate is 20Mbps. Moreover movie file larger than 30 GB cannot be viewed from the USB. It is uneventful that movies encoded by GMC and Opel are not compatible.

3D Glass

LG provides two active shutter 3D glasses as opposed to one when compared to many manufacturers. This is a consoling part and it can be purchased elsewhere and is readily affordable at lower budget. This means the technology is not compromised but yet it is made reasonable. This is something a family entertainer concept and it is aptly taken care by LG. The glass is based on Active Shutter Glass technology. In contrast to the passive polarised glass technology, it is matured and gives excellent compatibility with the television. It is embedded with in-built emitter and is constructed using specialised liquid crystal lens. It is operated via a switch and it is also designed energy friendly, because after 3 minutes of inactivity, the switch automatically turns off. The highlight feature of the glass is that it comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB port. Rather than using the use and throw battery, it is a step ahead and definitely to be appreciated. However, it is not of the plug and play category and hence cannot be used along while being put under charging process. The shutter glass gives as such negligible ghosting effect. Considering the THX certification, the glass quality actually compounds the 3D effect. One of the drawbacks in using the 3D technology is that it does not work well under bright lit conditions. It is amplified if the 3D glasses are devised similar to prescription glasses. Nonetheless, this one is excellently covered at the corners and is designed in a manner that the light from the corners does not enter the eye. All in all, it is a great glass and though it is light weighted it is commented by some users of sitting pretty heavy. It could be because, unlike Samsung or Sharp LG has not given any accessories such as the nose-pad or band to adjust the glass positioning.

Remote Access Control

Simplicity is the key word to describe LG’s remote control. The usability of the television is higher, only when the remote control is appropriately designed by keeping the complexity at bay. Whilst compared to many higher end TV remote control that are cryptically designed, this one stands out for the easy to use operations. It is slender to hold and does not annoy the user. It consists of light button that enables to use it quietly under poor lighting conditions and the operational visibility is good. It is neatly sliced with meaty controls located at the familiar posts and the less frequently used ones are pushed downwards. Special characters such as the input button, TV/ radio button cannot be seen in other models. The input catalog is a comprehensive list of various input signal sources, either from the antenna or from the external devices such as the DVD or USB. Rather than hunting down the input signal selection from different buttons, LG ought to be appreciated for this straight-forward approach of operating. Facilities such as differentiating the input signal using colour codes are time saving. The center part of the remote control is occupied by the core functionalities such as the program and volume selection, the main menu, favourite channel grouping, 3D and delete button. The combination of the controls is remarkable because much of the activity would be localised around that area. The four way navigational menu item is clearly configured with the Netcast button, Quick menu. LG has provided two buttons for the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) activation. Likewise, coloured buttons are available for the Teletext activation and also a dedicated Teletext button is also provided. Repetition of the afore-said categories could have been avoided.  In addition to it, coherency could have been maintained with respect to the 3D operation. It is because the 3D control is centrally located whereas the L/R select lies beneath the menu button. On the other hand, one stop direct hit to the internet, quick menu and favourite channels are good. Overall, the user can get readily acquainted with the remote control as it is designed as a cusp of yesteryear television remote control model but yet strewn with the latest tidbits.

User interface and set-up

There are two ways to perceive the extent of user interface of LG 60PX990 3D Plasma TV. Firstly, the round about approach to access the channels and the remaining facilities, the second way is the availability of ‘Simple Manual’. It is boxed with core and critical functions such as the setup, picture, Bluetooth, My media, Game and so on. By selecting the preferred area, the user can instantly catch up with the different routes to get a setting. It is highly advantageous and has been made very user-friendly. It definitely scores with consumers who would love to explore with assistance rather than rummaging the user manual oftenly.

LG offers the much sought after ‘Electronic Programme Guide’, wherein an update of eight days schedule is available, provided the broadcast channel gives the information. It gives a good flexibility for the user to create a schedule list of programme’s to be viewed and correspondingly updating the same with a reminder. However it lacks the genre classification or grouping choices, wherein the user can slate out their favourite programs under the respective category.

Furthermore, the television setup time is optimal. It comes as two pieces, the stand body and the stand base. The stand body must be assembled with the stand base using the screws and can be tilted to the tune of twenty degrees as it is a swivel stand.


Creating the display screen with 60 inch wide and is based on Plasma technology is quite an achievement. The resolution is 1920 x 1080p and the contrast ratio is 5,000,000:1, thus creating very crisp colour reproduction. The main point to be noted in plasma technology is the energy consumption, since it measures 60 inches, it is essential to review the same. LG’s 60 inch television on power consumption is relatively less when compared to the larger screen size models of Samsung and Panasonic. The resolution when turned to high definition can increase the power consumption. Since the contrast ratio is in good range they manage the light output and thereby the resolution. Hence, it is recommended to put the television in auto mode, because it sensibly adjusts the plasma display as per the light settings. Moreover, the 600Hz screen technology gets in to action to minimise the motion blur. For a wider screen, glare is inevitable and particularly in bright lit conditions.

LG 60PX990 60″ 3D TV is conditioned with Tru black filter, something a similar concept of Samsung’s real black filter. The glare and reflections are greatly reduced, but the effect is more pronounced in a very bright room such as showrooms and not under direct sunlight conditions.

Net Cast
NetCast feature provides a chosen range of internet items to the TV without the requirement of a computer. The set-up is established by connecting the home network cable via Ethernet or Wi Fi USB dongle. Availability of You tube is appreciated, since many videos that lacks clarity in computer gets a good stage in the 60 inch television. However, the speed and transfer rate depends on the network speed. The other configured internet contents are Picasa and Accu Weather. We would say even at some level Picasa is agreeable, but the option of including Accu Weather could have been replaced with some potential content.

Free view HD
LG 60PX990 3D TV is equipped with Freeview High Definition. Many channels are available free of cost, to name a few BBC, C4 and many more.  Freeview can be acquired by just confirming the availability within the locality range. The user can temporarily put a pause on currently aired programs and record any desired program at any point of time. Additionally the free view is also equipped with digital electronic radio stations. Even more, since LG 60PX990 3D TV is equipped with high definition resolution,  and it turns out be a positive factor to propagate the quality of the incoming content to almost five times better than the standard definition.


Needless to say, the quality of the plasma screen technology reverberates in every content displayed. The colours look rich and fresh. Accompanied with several picture adjusting modes, it is so well prepared to combat colour deficiency from poor quality external sources. In particular, modes such as the dynamic, Gamma, Colour Gammat, Colour Temperature and many more takes good control of delivering the best picture quality. The dynamic mode fine-tunes the screen colour, hue and saturation and gives a more vivid red, blue and white. The overall screen colour can be adjusted to the lower, mid and the higher level by adjusting the colour temperature feature. On the whole LG 60PX990 3D TV is bright and better.

With the accomplishment of THX 3D certification in its pocket, LG 60PX990’s 3D performance is truly amazing. Specifically, the colour reproduction in the 60 inch screen almost replicates the original content. The video games are rendered with very less image noise and the transition is smooth. The clarity and the accuracy of details are remarkably reproduced as intended by the filmmaker, thus giving the user a theatre like feel.

It is quite puzzling to comprehend as why the manufacturers concentrate on some areas and leave out the rest. It is very evident, when we compare the THX certification pattern. Panasonic TX-P46VT20B is 2D certified and not 3D, whereas LG 60PX990 is 3D certified and not 2D. The question that would obviously arise is whether the quality would be good in the non-certified version. Though the assumptions might be true, this is not so in this particular case. The 2D image quality is solid and a plenty of lovely colours are spilled out. The plasma technology gets along well with the high definition concept and the final picture quality is dramatically great. Though, at some areas a tint of pixilation is observed, eventually it could be controlled by applying the appropriate picture settings. On the other hand, any inferior input content can be adequately improved by customising the picture settings in either Expert 1 or Expert 2 options.

Screen Burn
Screen Burn is an inherent disadvantage in the plasma technology and this one is of no exception. The good point is that it is designed to control the effect to a greater extent. The immediate remedy to the issue is to avoid fixing an image to be retained on the screen for longer hours. LG 60PX990 employs ISM method to lower the effect. By activating the ISM to any of the three categories such as the white wash, orbiter, colour wash the effect is reduced. White wash removes permanent images from the screen and orbiter removes the ghost images on the screen. However, the screen burn is not consistent and is highly visible only during the initial days of purchase.

The audio quality can be adjusted once if the auto volume leveler is turned on. It consists of clear voice feature and the human voices are heard well as it differentiates the human sound range from the rest. LG’s flagship Infinite sound gives an impressive 5.1 surround sound. The sound quality truly amplifies the 3D viewing experience.


LG 60PX990 comes with one year of manufacturer’s warranty.


LG 60PX990 gets a good score for keeping the operations very simple. The 3D viewing is good as it is THX 3D certified. The most important point that we acknowledge is the price. It is made completely affordable, without any compromise in the core features such as the picture quality, sound and ease of use. However, it has limited features that are widely incorporated in 60 inch television. Again, those are the additional ones; but the buyer can certainly be more than satisfied with the performance. On the whole, the product is delivered at a good deal.

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LG 60PX990 3D TV Review – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer LG
Model Name 60PX990
Dimension (W x D x H) 1408.8 x 52.4 x 860.7 mm
Swivel Yes +/-20º
Slim type Yes
Technology Plasma
Resolution 1920x 1080
Contrast Ratio 5,000,000:1
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Width 60 inch
Other Features
3D Yes
Netcast Yes
Intelligent Sensor Yes
Free view HD Yes
Child Lock Yes
Connectivity Wireless AV link, USB 2.0, DLNA
Audio 10W+10W
Power Supply 249 AC
Smart Energy Saving Plus Yes
Warranty One year

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